Reducing radiation exposure for workers

Nuclear power plants present hazards such as radiation exposure and heat to workers who must perform inspections within the plants. A method for performing this operations, while reducing exposure, is needed. Centaur automates the inspection process and enables higher frequency of inspection while also reducing the time workers are exposed to hazardous work environments.

Introducing Centaur

Worker Safety

Centaur reduces the amount of time workers need to be in hazardous environments by automating the pipe inspection process.

Long Term Operation

Centaur provides the ability for more frequent power plant inspections and better failure prediction

Failure Prediction

Centaur's software suite allows for automatic reliability and lifecycle analysis of pipes

So how does it work?


The robot maps the inspection room and identifies inspection points using markers.


A 6-axis robotic arm is used to perform ultrasonic scans of pipes to record pipe thickness and to detect signs of corrosion

Lifecycle Analysis

The software enables reliability and lifecycle analysis by tracking inspection results over time to predict failure

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